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 Rules of this Forum

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Rules of this Forum Empty
PostSubject: Rules of this Forum   Rules of this Forum Icon_minitimeMon Aug 04, 2008 5:06 pm

What does "SPAM" mean?

Short Pointless Annoying Message

1. No spamming except for in the spam thread. Please post more than three words.

2. No sexual or pornographic content.

3. No abusive content.

4. No posting more than four smiles.

5. Please do not double post. Use the edit button if you want to add more to your post. Make sure you say that your double post was accidental. If you are updating writing, this is an exception. But you may not do this over and over.

6. Don't flame. Flaming is being disrespectful to other users, regardless of type (racial, physical, or sexist remarks). Flaming because of opinions is not acceptable. You also need to respect the staff. Do not curse at anyone. Please inform a staff member if someone is flaming you, or there is a flame war.

7. Please do not "bump" a thread that hasn't been touched in more than 7 weeks. Bumping a thread is when you post in it.

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Rules of this Forum
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